Fees Season 22-23

The fees for the provision of public services for the activities of the Municipal Sports Schools are governed by Fiscal Ordinance and approved by plenary agreement of the Municipal Corporation. More information


Way to pay

  • Total and unique payment, when formalizing the registration
  • Split payment in 2 installments. 1st payment when formalizing the registration and the 2nd at the beginning of January.


Concept € per enrollment

  • 15€ by Municipal Sports Schools. 16 years or younger
  • 25€ for over 16 years. Adults
  • 10€ for Retirees or Pensioners


  • 50% discounts if the same athlete (UP TO 16 YEARS OLD) signs up for 2 or more sports. Always on the lower amount tuition.
  • 50% discounts for members of the same family unit (UP TO 16 YEARS OLD). Always on the lower amount tuition.
  • Large families: 100% exemption for the special category and 50% discount for the general category.
  • Discounts for retirees with citizen card
  • Enrollment from January: Full enrollment and 70% of the 2 payments, all at once and without bonuses 

    Note: In all cases, tuition will be full and discounts on payment fees, except for large families.