How to enroll

!!! Important:

1. It is necessary to fill in the fields correctly in all steps, otherwise it is possible to have problems in the formalization of registration.

2. Before starting registration, we advise you to have ready a passport-type photo of your daughter or son and also a photocopy of the ID, front and back individually. It is important that these images display their information clearly, otherwise they will not be valid and you will have to repeat them.

3. Do not refresh your browser during the registration process or else you will have to enter the information again.


Step by step


Step 1

You must ACCESS THE REGISTER PAGE. It is in the header of the website, in the Registration menu.

Read and choose the sport and press the CONTINUE REGISTRATION button

Step 2

Fill in the fields for the automatic category selection from Date of Birth, Gender, Postal Code and Modality if any.


Step 3

Fill in the fields it asks for with the student's personal data, documents to attach*, parental contact details and give Data Consent.

In this step, when entering the student's ID (Nº Document), the program will verify if it already exists and will show you an alert in the form of a pop-up window telling you how you want to register. You can do it from the email we will send to the student's main contact or enter all your data again.


Step 4

Summary of Enrollment and its Annual Fee, Previous Enrollment (Sibling discount. Always on the lower enrollment price) where you must put the registration number of the enrollment.

To apply the discount, you must have previously registered your son or daughter for the first time.

Choose the method of payment, by card or bank transfer and hit the ACCEPT button.
If you make a transfer, you will have to send the receipt later.

At the end of the payment step, you will arrive at the PRE-REGISTRATION COMPLETED CORRECTLY page!!! with the summary and the indications to take into account.


Step 5

Verify in your email that you have received an email that it has been completed. If this is not the case, contact the Sports Office. First of all, check if you have the email in the SPAM folder "Unwanted emails"


Step 6

From now on, keep an eye on your contact email, where we will inform you about your enrollment process.


Step 7

Congratulations, you are now in Sports Schools!